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Tree Pruning Cost

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Tree Services

Properly maintained trees are capable of making any home lively. However, if proper tree care is ignored, trees will end up losing their health. This will, in turn, lead to the loss of their beauty.

Tree pruning is a crucial maintenance practice that needs to be conducted regularly. To make sure that your tree pruning succeeds, it is essential that you be prepared with enough money to cover the tree pruning cost.

If you live in Stockton, Texas and you are not sure the tree pruning cost charged in your area, this article is for you. Read on to avoid unpleasant surprises when you hire tree pruning service providers.

The Average Tree Pruning Cost to Expect in Stockton

If you are a property owner living in Stockton, you may need to set aside about $176 to $658 if you plan on having tree pruning professionals on your property. The medium tree pruning cost is about $417.

Spending this money on your trees is a good idea. Too many branches and unwanted limbs will deny the tree access to enough sunlight. Also, the rainwater won’t reach the roots. Your tree will end up looking lush on the outside while dying from the inside.

Factors Affecting Tree Pruning Cost in Stockton

As you have probably noticed already, different trees may have different pruning cost. If you are wondering why different trees have different tree pruning costs, will answer this question for you. Reasons which cause the tree pruning cost to vary include:

  • Tree size
  • Tree location
  • Tree health
  • Tree type

As you would probably guess, huge trees will require the owner to spend more money when compared to his/her average-size to smaller trees. If your trees are in close proximity to utility lines, say, power lines, more effort will be required during the pruning. More effort means a higher tree pruning cost.

Cutting thin branches will require less effort compared to thicker branches. This suggests that all trees which have thicker branches will require you to spend more money on the pruning.

Working on pest-infested and diseased trees is not just tougher, it can be dangerous considering that the branches can break unexpectedly. For the effort, time, and risk involved when pruning the diseased trees, Stockton pruners charge a higher tree pruning cost.

Determining the Ideal Time to Prune Trees

Tree pruning offers the best results if done at the right time. If tree pruning is new to you, getting tree pruning timing right can be tough. Below, we have some of the factors which affect tree pruning timing.


When safety is the concern, tree pruning can be conducted at any time. If you find that the tree branches are too close to the power lines, getting rid of the branches as soon as possible can help eliminate the potential safety risk. If branches are currently obscuring the view on the driveway, tree pruning can help reduce the chances of an accident occurring. Removing dead, dying, or broken branches will eliminate their possibility of falling on your property or injuring a family member.


Dead, dying, and overgrown branches can make your trees less functional and unappealing. If you invest in experienced tree service professionals, they should help you improve the tree appearance.


If you notice that a particular limb is diseased, tree pruning can help you make sure that the disease does not spread to the rest of the tree.

If none of the above factors are a concern, the best time to invest in tree pruning service is when the trees are in their dormant stage. The trees won’t be actively growing if they are in their dormant stage.

Trees in Stockton do not enter the dormant stage at the same time. Therefore, assuming that all trees are in the dormant stage just because one of your trees is not growing actively is not a good idea. Studying and understanding your tree’s growth cycle can help you avoid making mistakes when pruning them.

Stockton Large Tree Pruning Cost

More and thicker branches make pruning large trees more demanding. For this reason, tree pruning service providers charge more money to offer this service.

You should have approximately $800 to $1000 ready if you are planning to prune a tree taller than sixty feet. Giving a specific tree pruning cost is impossible for us. However, after investigating your tree, the tree service provider should have the ability to offer a better cost approximate.

Additional Stockton Tree Pruning Costs to Expect

One of the additional tree pruning cost you may incur is the travel fee. You will incur this additional cost if the tree pruners have to drive a long way. Also, it is not uncommon for the tree owner to pay for the equipment/materials and labor.

If your tree is diseased or has some pests, it may need a pesticide or some form of disease control. You will have to pay for both of these.

To make sure that you are fully prepared, talk to the tree service providers before your quote arrives. Tell the tree service provider to include any necessary extra charges in the quote. It is better to have the extra money in your tree pruning budget than unpleasant surprises.

Seasonal Pattern for Pruning Trees in Stockton

Stockton tree pruning experts have observed trees for years. This has made it possible for them to come up with a seasonal pattern that makes it easier for tree owners to ensure that trees are pruned at the right time. This seasonal pattern is as shown below:


If you do not have enough trees on your property, this is the ideal time to start planting additional trees. Focus on watering the trees and fertilizing them. This will ensure that they are strong enough to handle the summer season. Since the trees will be growing actively in the spring season, you should avoid pruning them.


During the summer, you can water your trees if the weather doesn’t provide enough moisture. Don’t prune the trees, unless you are trying to get rid of some dangerous branches.


The majority of the trees in Stockton enter the dormant stage in this season. Major pruning operations can be performed during the fall, including:

  • Improving sunlight access and shape by trimming the tree top and sides.
  • Get rid of dead, dying, and diseased limbs.
  • This is the right time for maintenance practices which involve a lot of cutting.


Fell trees which are already dead or dying during this season. Get rid of any tree that can potentially harm you or your property. Pruning is not a good idea during the winter season. If needed, protect the trees from extreme cold.

Pruning Your Fruit Trees

If you want to have productive fruit trees on your property, making sure they are pruned properly and at the right time is necessary. Below, we have some pruning tips for various fruit trees:

Apple Trees

Apple tree pruning offers the most benefits if it is done during the early winter and late spring. For the initial 6 years of the apple tree life, you should prune the tree regularly. This guides it into growing upwards in an ideal conical shape.

Pruning is also necessary for old trees. It helps to ensure that the trees are producing as much fruit as possible and retaining their conical shape.

Lemon Trees

Wait for the fruit-bearing season to end before pruning the lemon trees. You should focus on removing diseased, pest-infested, dead, and dying branches. You can remove all limbs whose diameter is less than that of a pencil.

Saw off branches touching the ground. This is to keep harmful insects away from your tree. To ensure the inner branches have access to enough sunlight, you will need to thin the lemon tree and also get rid of the branches which cross the main branches.

Plum Trees

You should invest in pruning your plum trees in the summer season, particularly, from June to August. This makes sure that the plum tree does not end up catching a fungal infection from the wet weather conditions. Make sure that the unneeded branches are removed when moisture in the air is as low as it can possibly be in Stockton.

Plum trees can be pruned annually. You can over-trim them a little bit without affecting the trees negatively. Get rid of low-hanging branches and make sure that the fruit-bearing branches have access to sunlight.

Cherry Trees

You have to be incredibly cautious when pruning your cherry trees. You should invest in their pruning during the early fall season. Remove suckers and sprouts which usually show at the ground level. Any branch that meets the main cherry tree trunk shouldn’t be cut.

Make as minimal cuts on the tree as you possibly can. The tree shape should guide you when you are removing the branches which affect the tree beauty negatively.

Fig Trees

On the first winter, immediately after transplanting your fig tree, you should invest in pruning the tree a couple of times. Removing more than 50% of the branch growth is allowed. This helps the fig tree develop incredibly strong roots.

Over time, make sure that the tree pruning is helping the fig tree grow low, horizontal branches. Select and take care of about 4 to 6 branches for growing fruits. To maintain the tree health, get rid of the suckers which grow at the base.

DIY Tree Pruning in Stockton

If you are on a tight budget, DIY pruning can help you eliminate the tree pruning cost from your budget. Being familiar with the important tree pruning techniques will help you avoid damaging your tree irreparably.

How to Prune a Tree

The first thing you should consider before sawing a branch off is its diameter. You can remove the branches whose diameter is at most 5 cm. If the diameter ranges from 5 cm to 10 cm, consider the branch more carefully. If figuring out whether to cut it or leave it is tough, let the branch stay on the tree.

If the branch in question has a 10 cm+ diameter, let the branch stay on the tree. Remove it only if it is a safety concern.

Check the branch angles when pruning your tree. Branches making V angles can be removed. Leave branches making U angles on the tree.

Aim for a 2:3 ratio between the crown and the current height. You should never cut more than 0.25 of the tree crown on a single pruning. Some of the crown work techniques you can use include:

Crown Thinning

This crown work helps you get rid of excess limbs from the top of the tree and the sides. When thinning the crown, you should leave even spaces between the lateral branches.

Crown Raising

This practice ensures that the excess branches and foliage are gotten rid of from the bottom. This is essential for clearing the roads and sidewalks. Branches should be kept at about 2/3 of the tree height.

Crown Reduction

This involves removing foliage and branches from the top of the tree. This necessary in the following situations:

  • Improve tree health
  • Improve safety
  • Minimize property damage risk

Before sawing off a branch, find both its collar and ridge. The ridge is generally parallel to the branch. Sawing off should be done outside the branch ridge and away from the tree collar.

Tree Pruning Materials and Tools

If investing in professional tree pruners based in Stockton is not an option for you, you will need to invest in the right tree pruning tools. Without the right tools, tree pruning will be tough for you. You could even end up damaging your tree irreparably. The following are the major tools you may need to either purchase or rent:

Bypass Pruner

You will need to use this tool whenever you come across narrow-angled stems. The tool features a sharp blade capable of cutting through cleanly.

Looping Shears

These give the pruner larger leverage. They are perfect for bigger stems. The bypass works much better when compared to the gear and anvil blade joints. If you would like to avoid arm fatigue, you can invest in a looping shear which has the ability to absorb shock.

Pruning Saws

Different tree branches will require different pruning saws. For branches whose diameter is less than 2 inches, invest in a fine-toothed saw. For branches with a diameter of at least 3 inches, purchase a coarse-toothed saw.

Pole Pruners

If you have to cut branches in incredibly high places, you may need to get a pole pruner. The pole pruner features a rope and a pole which activates its cutting mechanism. If you are using a pole pruner near power lines, you should be careful.

Hedge Clippers

If your goal is to prune shrubs and hedges, hedge clippers can do the job for you.

When using the same tree pruning tool on more than one tree, you have to exercise caution to avoid spreading health issues from one tree to the other. Before using the same tool on a different tree, use 70% rubbing alcohol to clean it. Using household cleaners and bleaches to clean the pruning tools is never a good idea.

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