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Stump Removal Cost

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Tree Services

Have you ever had trees removed from your property? If your answer to this question is yes, chances are, you have some stumps on your compound. If the stumps are still visible, they most certainly make your compound less appealing. While you may assume that just because the stump has been covered by overgrowth everything is fine, this is not the case. Covered stumps turn into safety hazards.

The only ideal way to deal with stumps is to remove them. If you intend to work with Stockton stump removal professionals, knowing the stump removal cost to expect is a good idea. The stump removal cost varies depending on various factors. This article will take you through those factors.

Stockton Stump Removal Cost

The cost of getting rid of stumps from your compound will vary from $162 to $473. The median cost is $299.

In Stockton, stump removal professionals charge a minimum stump removal cost of about $100. The factors which force some homeowners to pay a higher stump removal cost while others pay a considerably low cost include size, location, and accessibility. Using the services offered by stump removal professionals will allow you to avoid destroying any utilities which may be buried close to the tree stump.

The Per Stump Versus Per Diameter Inch Pricing

Stockton professionals generally calculate the stump removal cost based on the number of stumps or the stump diameter. If you work with experienced and qualified professionals, stump removal should take less than an hour. As mentioned earlier on, irrespective of the number of stumps you currently have on your property, the lowest stump removal cost you should expect to pay is $100.

On average, the price per diameter inch stays between $2 and $5. Depending on the size of the stump and its location, the stump removal cost may be as low as $60 or as high as $350. To get the ideal stump diameter, you will need to measure your stump at the widest point, as close as possible to the ground.

The age of the stump, accessibility, and location will affect the time professionals will require to get rid of the stump. This means that if you are being charged on a per hour basis, the stump removal cost will go up or down.

If you have numerous stumps which have to be removed, you can get a price break. Although the initial stump may cost you approximately $150, the remaining stumps may require you to pay about $50 each.

Stockton Stump Grinding Cost

If your goal is to simply improve your property’s aesthetic appeal while getting rid of a safety hazard, stump grinding may be an excellent choice. On average, you should set about $200 aside. Each diameter inch may cost you $3 on average. Stockton stump removal professionals may charge you on a per hour basis if you need them to clear huge areas. Each hour may cost you $150.

Stockton Stump Grinding Cost Factors

1.    Size

To determine the stump size, professionals will measure its diameter, at the lowest position. To get the stump removal cost estimate, most professionals will multiply the inches with $3. Each diameter inch is worth $3.

2.    Time

If you are being charged on a per hour basis, the stump removal cost will be highly dependent on how long the whole project takes. You may have to part with $150 each hour.

3.    Quantity

You may have to pay $100 to $150 for the initial stump. Other stumps may cost you about $30 to $50.

4.    Root System

If you want the stump grinder to get rid of the stump roots, you may have to spend additional money. Per hour, Stockton tree care professionals may charge you $150 to get rid of the roots.

5.    Clean Up

This cost will vary depending on the cost charged when disposing of waste and the sawdust value. $2 per inch is the common cleanup cost in Stockton.

Renting a Grinder

If you have stump grinding experience, you can reduce the stump removal cost by handling the removal yourself. If you do not own a grinder, you can rent one for about $190.

Before initiating the stump removal process, you may need to talk to the utility companies to know whether there are underground utilities you need to be worried about. In some states, permits are necessary.

The varying stump grinder rent costs are as indicated below:

  • Home Depot – a 13hp grinder will cost you $150 each day. On a weekly basis, you will have to spend $610.
  • United Rentals – Each day, you will have to spend about $300 on an 11 to a 14hp grinder. The weekly rent will amount to about $925.
  • Herc Rentals – Every 24 hours, you will have to pay $250 for a 20 to a 29hp grinder. Every week, you will end up spending about $750.
  • Sunbelt – Every day, a 25hp stump grinder will cost you $365. Every 7 days, you will have to pay $1400.

Stockton Stump Removal Cost for Other Methods of Getting Rid of Stumps

If your budget does not allow you to work with professional stump grinders, you may opt to use cheaper options. Some of the cheaper options you can use in Stockton include:

  • Chemical use
  • Burning
  • Digging the stump out

The stump removal cost to expect if you opt to use the above methods is as follows:


This option will require you to spend about $6 to $100. You will need to either rent or purchase a power drill. You will also need potassium nitrate.

After using potassium nitrate to make sure that the stump is rotted enough to burn easily, you can go ahead and burn it. Before burning the stump, you may need to talk to the fire department. Also, make sure that the fire won’t damage anything.

Chemical Rotting

This option will also require a power drill and potassium nitrate. However, instead of burning the stump, you can wait for a couple of weeks so that you can have the ability to remove it.

Manual Removal

This option will involve a lot of work. You will have to dig up and cut through the stump roots. You may have to spend an average of $38/hour on the labor. Additionally, you may need to purchase axes and shovels.

Stockton Stump Removal Cost Factors

The factors which determine how high or low the stump removal cost should be, include:

  • Size
  • Location
  • Root system
  • Tree type
  • Cleanup

We will expound on these factors below:

Tree Size

If the tree was huge, its stump will also be huge. This means that it will cost you more money to remove it. If you are planning to get rid of the roots too, this may cost you $100 to $200.


There are 2 sub-factors under location which affects the stump removal cost. The sub-factors are as follows:

Market Costs

People whose properties are close to the urban areas spend more money on tree stump removal when compared to people who reside in rural areas. The reasons why the stump removal cost is higher in urban centers include:

  • Permitting
  • Overhead
  • Insurance
  • Accessibility

Stockton stump removal professionals will still charge you at least $100 even if your property is in a rural area.

Travel Time

If you hire stump removal professionals who do not reside in Stockton, you may need to pay a travel rate of $0.55/mile. To avoid this travel fee, you will just need to work with professionals who are based in Stockton.

Tree Type

Top-quality tree grinders, when being handled by experienced professionals, will take almost the same amount of time to eat through the same size stumps from different tree species. This means that the tree-type shouldn’t affect the stump removal cost too much.

However, if removing a stump from a specific type of tree is more difficult, spending more money may be necessary. Hardwood trees are often a little bit tougher to grind. The stump removal cost for hardwood trees such as hickory, aspen, elm, oak, and birch may be higher.

Root System

On average, roots cost $100 to $200 to remove. The normal grinders may require additional attachments for them to grind the roots. Root grinding often requires more effort.

Solid Condition

When quoting the stump removal cost, professionals offering this service take the soil condition into consideration. Hence, you may not have to worry about the soil condition adding too much money to the initial expected cost. However, in some rare cases, the soil condition can increase the stump removal cost by about 50%.

Preparation and Cleanup

Before initiating the grinding, it is often necessary to prep the site where the stump removal will be taking place. While this is often free, you may need to pay for the service. Clean up costs $2 per diameter inch, on average.

Whole Tree Removal

The tree removal cost ranges between $650 and $1500. Since the stump removal is generally not part of the tree removal, you may need to spend additional money after the whole tree removal.

Why Should Remove Tree Stumps

  • To improve curb appeal.
  • To get rid of safety hazards.
  • Reduce the chances of pests being attracted to your property.
  • To make sure sprouts do not start growing from the stump roots.

DIY Versus Working with Professionals

If you have free time and the necessary stump removal tools, you can save yourself about $200 by removing the stump yourself. If saving money is your goal but removing the stump yourself is impossible, you can prepare the stump removal zone. This will reduce the time professionals spend when removing the stump. You will end up paying less to remove the stump.

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